Infertility. This is a word I thought I would never have to add to my vocabulary. A word that can often be associated with a negative connotation. But our goal in Team Baby Hep is to help shift a perspective and help bring awareness to people to help them understand how to support families who are doing their best to have children of their own. We are by no means experts on the topic, we are not doctors, or professionals but we will share from a place of vulnerability and honesty about what we have experienced through our personal journey. 

(Side note: PJ is an actual nurse. She just graduated from nursing school and is about to start her new career as an ER Nurse at North Florida Regional Medical Center. With that being said, she will be sharing some medical perspectives as a some of us are experts, haha)

Here are two simple ways you can support and champion the women and families around you as they journey through infertility.

  1. Don’t be a critic, be a cheerleader.

Everyone has an opinion. However, in the case of infertility: leave the opinions, comments, and critiques at home. We are already struggling to comprehend the journey that lies ahead. What we need is your support, your kind words of encouragement and endless love that makes this process a little easier. There are many perspectives out there regarding IVF. Some are very supportive and some are negative and critical. The process of IVF has allowed my husband and I the opportunity to have a biological child of our own. Someday we will have a baby of our own who will have our genetic makeup and carry on our genes. This is a miracle.

I am so thankful for IVF and the medical sector of our world that advances medicine every day to help many people who are in need of their miracle. If you are skeptical of IVF, that’s okay. Bring us your questions, not your criticism and we can journey together. And regardless, what women journeying through an infertility diagnosis need more than anything is cheerleaders. We need you to cheer us on and never stop. It gives us the boost we need to keep from giving up. So grab your pom-poms and get to cheerin!

2 . Celebrate the journey and the miracle.

The journey is just as important as the miracle itself. The journey creates a pathway for the miracle to become a reality. Therefore, I am forever grateful for my story. Although painful, my journey has taught me to not just celebrate the miracle of a child someday but to celebrate the journey needed to receive the miracle. The temptation in the journey is to wish away the process and to idolize the miracle. When in fact the miracle cannot happen without the process.

The journey of infertility is just as important as seeing that baby come into the world. When a women holds her baby for the first time after spending years waiting, hoping, trying and often times failing, it makes that moment that much more sweeter. So come along side a momma who is along that journey, walk with her as she is in the midst of her waiting season. Don’t just come around when the baby arrives. Sit with her and let her talk. Just listen. Then celebrate the character and perseverance that is being developed within her. Let her know she lacks nothing and is perfect just the way she is.

My infertility story has become my opportunity to share the faithfulness and hope of God.

My infertility story has produced within me a passion to be vulnerable.

My infertility story has been a catalyst for bringing awareness and support to the many silent heroes doing their best to have a family of their own. 

Let’s shift the perspective. Let’s support and celebrate all women regardless of their ability or inability to bare a child. This does not define nor dictate the success of their future. Let’s create a world where women can share and be vulnerable about their struggle with infertility and not be the talk of the town. Let’s create a world where women feel safe, encouraged and cared for as they search for answers and work towards having a family.

This is my journey of pain & promise.

James 1:2-4

“2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

With Love, 

HJ (Hollie Jo) 


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